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July 9th, 2014 


Enclosure Thermal Management

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Welcome to the SolutionsDirectOnline.com July Newsletter!

Your online technical supplier of industrial products for a wide variety of applications. We strive to provide the highest quality products at affordable prices. Solutions Direct offers a wide selection of the following: electrical enclosures, electronic racks & cabinets, infrared temperature measurement products, machine components, material testing equipment, process control & measurement products, and scales & balances.

Engineering Tips:

Choosing the Correct Machine Leveling Elements

Leveling devices come in a variety of designs to accommodate just about every application from equipment support to vibratory isolation. Their simple design can at times mislead machine designers into choosing the incorrect leveling element. This is why we are sharing a simple and straight-forward guide to help you evaluate your needs more precisely to ensure the integrity and dependability in your next application.

Leveling Mount Guide:  View here

Check out our selection of Leveling Mounts

New Products:

Nonmetallic Liquid-Tight Tubing & Fittings by IBOCO

IBOCO's I-Flex tubing & fittings provide extreme flexibility and liquid-tight protection for your electrical wiring during routing applications. Its extreme flexibility allows you to easily position wiring for quick installation, especially in limited quarters making it an ideal solution where space is a problem. Available in both light grey and black.

Click to check out our Tubing | Straight Connectors | 90° Connectors

  • Applications where oil resistance is required, or where water corrosion or ultraviolet light is a problem.
  • Protection of fiber optic cable
  • Installing instrumentation or control cable
  • IP65-rated for watertight applications
  • UL recognized, CE certified

Products We Offer:
    Metal Enclosures
    Fiberglass Enclosures
    Polycarbonate Enclosures
    Fixed-mount & Handheld Infrared Sensors
    Material Testing Equipment
    Test Sieves, Sieve Shakers, & Sifters

    Pressure Gages
    Pressure Transmitters
    Temperature Controllers
    Scales & Balances
    Enclosure Thermal Management
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